CSS Full Form

CSS Full Form


What is the full name of CSS, why is CSS used in web designing, full name of CSS and what is the meaning in Hindi, you will get answers to all such questions in this post.

What is the use of CSS ?

The full form of CSS is Cascading Style Sheet. CSS is a Web Designing Language. It is used to make the web page beautiful. Using this, you can control all these Color Text, Fonts, Columns, Background Images, Screen Sizes in your website. With the use of CSS, your normal looking HTML page starts looking very attractive. CSS is used inside HTML or SVG to style the content of an HTML page.

  • CSS is used to make the web page beautiful. With the help of this, you can apply different style designs on different content. Such as Headings, Paragraphs, Lists etc.
  • With CSS, you can set the Text colour, Font Family, Background, Margin, Padding and Position of Web Pages.
  • Web pages get an attractive design using CSS. HTML and CSS are always used together.
  • You can use HTML without CSS but you cannot use CSS without HTML.
  • CSS is used in HTML with the help of Selector. It can also be Selector Id, Class or Block. If we want to use CSS on any block, then first of all we have to give the form of selector to that block.

To create a Selector, either we should determine the Id of that Block or determine the Class or or directly use the type of that Block as a Selector. There are many style rules in CSS which have been explained by the browser and then the relevant elements are applied in their document. There are three types of Style Rule.

  • Selector
  • Property
  • Value

CSS Rule always starts with Selector and it tells in which HTML element we will apply the Rule. It is shown in the image above, in which we are applying some rules to the <body> element. After Selector, we set Property in Curly Braces which will change the Presentation of <body> Element.

Selector - This is an HTML tag on which Style is applied. It can be any tag like <h1>, <table> etc.

Property - This is a type of attribute of HTML tag. It can be Color, Border etc.


Value - It assigns CSS properties.

Therefore, before learning CSS, you must have a general knowledge of HTML.


Type of CSS


CSS can be used in the website in three ways such as –

Internal CSS

Friends, an Internal Stylesheet is defined by using the <style> tag and is used in the body of an HTML document. The <style> tag specifies the type of content of a stylesheet along with its attribute which should be set to text/css but in HTML5 this type is optional.


External CSS

Friends, an External Stylesheet is declared in an external file with a .css extension. It is used by those pages whose interface will affect it. Friends, an External Stylesheet is used by the <link> tag, which should be placed in the body of the HTML document.


Inline CSS

The CSS Media Attribute specifies the device media where the CSS runs. Friends, the default value of Media Attribute is of the same type.